Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Success!

Hey everyone! The First Annual Black Canyon of the Bear Whitewater Festival was a HUGE success! We were able to raise nearly 2,000 dollars for the children of Anupam Vidya Sadan! We have so many people to thank for our incredible first year. Smith Optics, Mountain Khakis, Rapid Progression Kayak School, Red Bull, Immersion Research, Jackson Kayaks, Rendezvous River Sports, Bluehouse Skis, Big Water Rafts, Wasatch Touring, Second Tracks Sports, Kuhl, Utah Whitewater Club, Cold Water Company, Canyon Sports, Campsaver.com, WRSI helmets, Snake River, Grand Teton, and Bohemian Breweries, Jacks Plastic, Aunt Silvia :), both the U of U, and USU Whitewater Clubs, Stone Cairn Studios, United Mailing Direct. Did I miss anyone?! Last but not least we are so lucky to have had the support of the American Whitewater Association, and Pacificorp Power Co. And thank you to all of our friends and family that volunteered, it would have flopped without you! See you all next year, tell your friends, and check this blog for future info on how you can help, or be more involved next year!